Per doubleroom per night

895 Sek

One person

750 Sek

Children 0-2


Extra (folding) bed, to kids 3-12, made as comfortable as possible

150 Sek

Extra (folding) bed, to kids 13 and older, made as comfortable as possible

300 Sek

Extra camp bed children 0-2 (made, with real mattress for little princes & princesses)


Our lovely tasty breakfast, soft towels and made beds are included in the prices.
We accept credit card!
Please note that in case of "no show" (if guest booked a stay at our's but does not show upp without taking contact with us), the whole first night has to be paid.
An invoice will be send out to the guest's address.
Are you interested in a treatment while you are staying at our's?
Please use the Naturopathy button to see the prices.


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